Zero Issues Left

If you've been paying attention to this site you may have noticed that posts have been showing up rarther far and few between. The main reason for this quiet period is I've been cramming away at my largest Drupal project to date. The MyTime time clock project for my full time employer; ARISE Child and Family Service. This project wille eventually be published on, but it needs a bunch of polishing before it's ready for that. As of today (4-7-16) all the custom contrib modules, custom entities, and fields are ready to be populated. This project has filled most of my time for the last 249 days. Live user testing starts tomorrow. 

This project integrates custom drupal entites for employee, job, client, and punch data with the Twilio API through several custom modules. The Twilio API allows us to accept incoming phone calls to collect the needed data to process payroll for remote employees. The site can also capture the same data through web based punches. Automated exception checking for, overages, overtime, late punches, forgotten punches and other issues allows managers to react quickly, previously these issues could only be found by manually checking thousands of paper timesheets each week from the Agency's growing staff base (currently in excess of 800). The system

This is the first project that I've used Atlassian Jira for issue tracking. All I can say about Jira is wow. Adopting this software, using it to only 50% of it's potential, and following a basic SCRUM methodlogy I've managed to far exceed the features planned to be delivered. Each of the 17 sprints saw a velocity increase, the quality of the code imrpove, and provide better visabiltiy and communication to the rest of the team, product ownsers, and stake holders. This is far superior to my old SCRUM board, on the whiteboard in my office or the simple issue queues that we had been using prior.


Beta2 is planned for a month from now, I'll be rolling in some new features and cleaning up the exisiting code.

Watch this space as well as for updates.