Home Labbing

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Welcome to my home lab, a dynamic environment designed for learning, experimentation, and a bit of fun. In this blog post, I share an in-depth look at the hardware and network infrastructure, including Proxmox-powered virtualization and Docker containerization. You'll discover how TrueNAS handles my storage needs, the security measures I have in place, and how I manage media and entertainment with Plex and Restreamer. I also delve into home automation with Home Assistant and Frigate's integration with Reolink cameras, as well as unique projects like Birdnet-PI and a Minecraft Bedrock server. Finally, I discuss the challenges faced and exciting future plans for further enhancements and innovations. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or looking to set up your own home lab, this post offers valuable insights and inspiration.

Enhancing Birdwatching with AI & Technology

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Birdwatching has been a long-time hobby of mine, but I've found that modern life often makes it difficult to find the time to watch, identify, and catalog the birds that visit my yard. The patience—and presence—required to spot new and rare species often conflicts with not only my busy work schedule but also my ADHD. However, thanks to advances in technology, I've found a way to enjoy this activity more easily. I've embarked on a project that combines my passion for birdwatching with my skills in technology, resulting in a live-streamed bird camera that anyone can access online. Here’s how I did it.

Camera Setup