Date Hiked
5 years ago
Trail Head
43° 52' 27.4945", -74° 25' 52.1498"

Hike to the summit of Blue Mountain. The trail was rugged and rocky, but well marked. It had rained the day before so everything was wet and muddy. I took a pretty relaxed pace and reached the summit in about 2 hours. On the summit is a old fire tower. The view from the fire tower is fantastic. (See the Photos!) 

GPS Track of hike overlayed on a topographical map

GPS graph of speed verse elevation


Points of Interest
43° 52' 16.7549", -74° 24' 8.2131"

As you approach the summit the trees start clearing offering some great views of Blue Mountain Lake, Other peaks, and out to the horizon.

43° 52' 20.8055", -74° 24' 3.6169"

Fire Tower at the summit offers some amazing views.